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GM and U.S. Army confirm joint fuel cell vehicle


General Motors and U.S. Army tank researchers will show off a Chevrolet Colorado-based fuel-cell electric vehicle in October in Washington, D.C.

The vehicle is being developed under agreement between TARDEC and GM and enables the U.S. Army to access public automotive technology for use in military applications while providing GM with feedback on non-standard fuel cell technology applications.

The Army is keen on fuel-cell electric propulsion and power generation systems for military use, noting that such vehicles are quieter, have exportable power generation and low-end torque that is useful in off-road environments.

"Hyundai's leadership in hydrogen has been rewarded with a contract to supply 20 of our next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to the ACT Government", said Hyundai Australia CEO, Charlie Kim.

"With fuel cell technology advancing, it's an ideal time to investigate its viability in extreme military-use conditions", said TARDEC director Paul Rogers.

There is a geographical link between GM and TARDEC, the Army's R&D group for ground vehicles.

The cars will be provided by Hyundai as an integral part of its launch plans for the next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle which is due in 2018, with the South Korean auto maker providing servicing and maintenance for the fleet.

The Army will conduct user assessments and demonstrations in 2017. The Department of Defense wants to utilize commercial innovation in its next-gen technologies, which is why it's going with hydrogen fuel cell tech to demonstrate what it can offer the military.

Specific details of the vehicle are being kept secret by both GM and TARDEC, but Rogers did say that the Army is less focused on the platform and more on the technology and its potential capabilities. "We need to continue pursuing these opportunities along with our plans for production of a commercial fuel cell system in the 2020 timeframe".

The ACT Government has today confirmed it has ordered a fleet of 20 hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars as part of a $23million renewable energy project.

GM, TARDEC tease Chevy Colorado fuel cell vehicle

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GM and U.S. Army confirm joint fuel cell vehicle
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