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Samsung update to cap battery charging on Note 7


You may recall our story about Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 devices being in danger of exploding.

That said, apart from the whole "exploding" thing, reviews for the Galaxy Note 7 have been very good, so Samsung need to get this sorted quickly, and they might have a massive seller on their hands.

According to ZDNet, the update will be available next week in South Korea, However, Samsung is also talking with telecommunications companies in nine other countries about deploying a similar update.

In a front-page ad in Korean newspaper Seoul Shinmun (via CNN Money), Samsung said it would release a software update that will prevent the Note 7 batteries from charging above 60% of their capacity.

After the Galaxy Note 7 launched, reports surfaced of consumers complaining the smartphone caught fire or exploded while charging.

It's still unclear whether the software update will be extended to users in other countries like the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., the electronics giant is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to figure out how the mass recall of the Note 7 is going to work.

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration warned consumers not to charge or turn on their Galaxy Note 7 phones while flying.

The recent ban imposed on the use of Note 7 by several commercial and domestic airlines, has prompted Samsung to take necessary steps for consumer safety with the strategy of recalling all Note 7s that use faulty batteries.

Well, Samsung are doing a recall, and as well as that, they've announced something of a fix - but it isn't great. On Friday, Apple will launch the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Samsung plans to issue software update for recalled Galaxy Note 7 handsets

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Samsung update to cap battery charging on Note 7
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