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BAW 10442005 — 20181044 onboard platform
BAW 10652005 — 20181065 onboard platform
BAW Fenix2011 — 2018Fenix 33462 onboard platform
Fenix 33462 pick-up
Fenix 33462 van
BAW Land King2001 — 2018Land King off-road vehicle
BAW Luba S1002005 — 2018Luba S100 off-road vehicle
BAW Luling Pick-Up2002 — 2018Luling Pick-Up pick-up
BAW Qishi2004 — 2018Qishi off-road vehicle
BAW Reach2004 — 2018Reach SUV off-road vehicle (BJ2025FL)
BAW Yusheng 007 SUV2010 — 2018Yusheng 007 SUV off-road vehicle

The European catalog models described BAW: 10, bodies: 12 and engine modifications: 16.

Original Catalog BAW