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Chery A132010 — 2018A13 Forza/Bonus/Storm2 hatchback
Chery A32008 — 2018A3 hatchback
Chery Amulet2003 — 2018Amulet elevatorback (A15)
Chery Arrizo 72013 — 20187 sedan
Chery Cross Eastar2006 — 2018Cross Eastar station wagon (B14)
Chery Eastar2005 — 2018Eastar sedan (MIKADO, ORIENTAL, SON)
Chery Elara2010 — 2018Elara/FORA/A5FL/VORTEX ESTINA sedan
2006 — 2018Elara/Fora/A5/Vortex Estina sedan
Chery Feng Yun2005 — 2018Feng Yun coupe (A11, WINDCLOUD)
1999 — 2008Feng Yun hatchback
Chery Karry2009 — 2018Karry YOUPAI van (Q21)
2007 — 2018Karry minivan (A18)
Chery Kimo2007 — 2018Kimo hatchback (A1, S12)
Chery M112008 — 2018M11 hatchback
M11 sedan
Chery QQ2002 — 2018QQ hatchback
Chery QQ32007 — 2018QQ3 hatchback (S11)
Chery QQ62006 — 2018QQ6/JAGGI hatchback (S21)
Chery QQme2006 — 2018QQme hatchback
Chery Rely2009 — 2018Rely V5 minivan
Rely X5 off-road vehicle
Chery Riich2009 — 2018Riich M1 hatchback
Riich X1 off-road vehicle
Riich G6 sedan
Riich G5 sedan
2007 — 2018Riich II minivan (V2)
Chery Ruiqi2007 — 2018Ruiqi van
Chery Sweet2006 — 2018Sweet hatchback (QQ, S11)
Chery Tiggo2013 — 2018TIGGO 5 off-road vehicle
2011 — 2018Tiggo FL off-road vehicle
2005 — 2011Tiggo off-road vehicle (T11)
Chery V52006 — 2018V5 minivan
Chery Very2011 — 2018Very hatchback

The European catalog models described Chery: 22, bodies: 33 and engine modifications: 65.

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