Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front for Peugeot 309 I hatchback (10C, 10A) (1985 - 1990)

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Original on Peugeot 309: Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front
ManufacturerCodeDescriptionSendingPrice, USDSeller
FrenkitP485302Vw/volvo/renault/peugeot/fiat/citroen/audi/landroverTomorrow, Gomel6.19
AutofrenD02535D02535_поршень суппорта ! d.48\fiat ducato,peugeot 309/405,renault clio/megane/logan,citroen c2/c3Today, Gomel7.07

Experts of VehiclePro know additional equipment "Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front":

This spare part depends on the engine Peugeot 309 and its modifications

  • 1.9 GTI [DKZ (XU9JAZ), D6B (XU9JA (G-KAT))]: D02535, P485302
  • 1.5 Y2/K, 1.6 KAT BAZ (XU5CP), 1.1 E1, 1.3 G1A, 1.4 [K1D (TU3A), KDY (TU3M), KDZ (TU3M), K2B (TU3S)], 1.6 [B1E (XU51C), B1A (XU51C), 180Z (XU5J), B6B (XU5J)], 1.9 [DFZ (XU9J1), D2B (XU9S), DDZ (XU9M)], 1.9 GTI [DKZ (XU9JAZ), D6B (XU9JA (G-KAT))], 1.9D [162 (XUD9), D9A (XUD9)]: 150270C, D02550, P485001

Part Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front is suitable for cars:

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Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front Peugeot 309
Part: Piston, Caliper, Brake, Front
Price: from 6.19 to 7.07 USD
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